The Avenue Central Coast Realty JANUARY 2022 Newsletter

The Avenue Central Coast Realty JANUARY 2022 Newsletter

Short-Term Rentals With the growing popularity of vacation rental sites like Airbnb, Homestay and VRBO, many property owners in SLO County are finding ways to capitalize on this expanding market. Anyone who lives here knows that each city has its own quirks and characteristics that make it unique. You’ll quickly find that rules and regulations regarding vacation rentals are no different; varying from...

Avenue Monthly Newsletter - December 2021

The Avenue Central Coast Realty DECEMBER 2021 Newsletter

San Luis Obispo County Market Update & ADU: Accessory Dwelling Units Info ADUs are a secondary, usually smaller, unit on a property that can either be attached, like a loft conversion or a garage apartment, or detached, like a granny flat or guest cottage. According to Google Trends, more Americans are searching for ADUs online than ever before.   FAST FACTS: Popularity There are an estimated...

The Avenue Central Coast Realty NOV 2021 Newsletter

California Senate Bill 9 Taking effect January 1st, 2022, SB 9 intends to address the affordable housing crisis.   In a nutshell Traditionally, single-family lots only allowed 2 large units; a stand-alone house and an accessory dwelling unit, as well as an attached junior unit no larger than 500 square feet. With the passing of SB 9, property owners will now be allowed to split a single-family lot...

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