Why Use The Avenue Property Management?

At The Avenue Property Managment, we believe in maintaining strong ongoing relationships with our tenants and clients while providing the most comprehensive service. You’ll find our lines of communication are always open to you so that any matters, whether large or small, can be resolved quickly and without fuss.

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Marketing and Advertising

Exposure and timing are the two most important factors for effective lease marketing. Every property will be photographed and marketed to prospective tenants via Zillow, Craigslist and associated sites.

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Tenant Screening

Our screening process qualifies prospective tenants with thorough checks.

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Repairs & Maintenance

We believe that any maintenance issues should be handled as part of our management services. Maintenance is a core function of property management and you should not be charged extra for it. We have developed an incredible network of qualified vendors to assist with any repairs that come up, in a timely & cost effective manner.

A Sample of What We Provide:

  • Property Advertising, including marketed via Zillow and associated websites, Craigs List and Nextdoor.com where available.
  • The option of a ‘For Rent’ sign installed in the front yard.
  • Complete management of the screening, credit checking and liaison with prospective tenants.
  • Regular feedback provided on prospective tenants and the ‘move in’ process.
  • Walk-through at beginning of lease completing property condition report, and property familiarization with tenants.
  • As managers of the property, we will address all day-to-day repairs with our trusted vendors in a timely manner with an aim of minimizing inconvenience to tenants. Any repair, maintenance or expense above and beyond what we deem standard will go to landlord for approval.
  • Monthly statements generated and payment of rent into desired account or by check.
  • Annual inspection of property unless requested more frequently.
  • Check on our current available rentals here.

Avenue Repairs

Protect your earning potential by keeping your property in great condition. It is important that a tenant report any items requiring repair or maintenance to your property and we stay on top of the issues until resolved in a timely manner.

Examples of urgent repairs include:

  • Burst hot water services
  • Faulty external door locks
  • Gas leaks
  • Flooding or storm damage
  • Serious roof leaks
  • Dangerous electrical faults
  • Fire damage


Avenue Service

At The Avenue we value our client/tenant relationships – if you have any questions about your property or if we can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. We’re here to help! sacha@theavenueslo.com

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