Hands Shaking
“I worked with Sacha on-and-off for almost 2-years, and she was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive as I bounced back-n-forth with respect to what I was looking for in my first home. Not only was she incredibly patient (in addition to on numerous occasions driving over an hour out to see ranch homes in the middle of nowhere that she knew I likely wouldn’t get, but that I wanted to see anyway), but she put together than picture of what aspects of a home I truly wanted before I even figured it out myself. Her humor, desire to help, constant availability, and ever-present positive attitude made my home buying experience smoother than I could have ever hoped. I would recommend Sacha to anyone (and they would certainly be better off for it).”
by Mischa P.
Home Owner
“Amy, we have truly enjoyed working with you and can’t imagine how this could have been a better experience. Our entire family is thrilled with our purchase and your expertise in all matters!”
by Don & Janey Giessinger
Happy Clients, of Amy Daane
Hands Shaking
“Amy is quite simply the best! She made selling our house completely stress free which is amazing since we live 200 miles away! She is super knowledgeable on pricing and where to allocate resources to get it ready to sell. Within a week we had multiple full price offers and a smooth closing which says a lot during these chaotic times. She is super responsive, very pleasant and professional, goes over and beyond! Everything from the photos to her advice, she really provides a “top shelf” experience! We are very grateful!”
by Katie and Henry Johnson
Happy Clients of Amy Daane
Leo Z. Shabbar and Sacha Steel
“Through the entire home buying process I felt nothing less than a friend guiding me through. When I first met Sacha, I remember talking about searching in SLO or maybe Atascadero due to affordability. Sacha was honest and hopeful. From day one she encouraged me to pursue what I really wanted and grounded me, ensuring my focus and understanding for each important step of the process. I truly think through the entire process I was luckily to work with her. Sacha has been there at all hours for me, dealing with the good, bad and ugly. She felt like a guardian angel during the entire escrow and I knew she always had my best interest at heart. Sacha, you’re genuinely, incredibly amazing and a star example of how all real estate agents should be.”
by Leo Z. Shabbar
, Happy Client of Sacha Steel
Andria & Steve McGhee
Amy Daane is a star. She helped us find a place upon returning to the area from abroad. The stress that comes with moving was pacified by her pleasant nature, professionalism, and expertise in every step of the process. When we first met and the entire time we worked with her, Amy listened to our wants and needs, toured properties for us, took videos of places and gave us knowledge of all the neighborhoods to help us find the best fit. When we came to the area in person, she spent time making sure we saw all the houses that we were even partially interested in, with such patience. Her responsiveness is fast and energy abundant. Once we found our dream home, she made sure we were well represented by making a good deal that would get us what we wanted, recommended a great loan officer, and was knowledgable about the entire process including the other real estate agents, the inspections, the paperwork etc. She is a really fun person to be around and when the stress set in, Amy was really patient with us while being a tough cookie on the business side. We were so happy we got to work with Amy that we have recommended her twice already and would do so again with our friends and family. I hope we get the chance to work with her again!
by Andria & Steve McGhee
Happy Clients, of Amy Daane
Hands Shaking
"Krissy is the best! Not only is she so personable and friendly, she is also very professional and knowledgeable. She makes the stressful process of buying a home go smoothly with ease. She knows the area and the market so well that we were able to feel complete confidence in her. Krissy was willing to be available whenever we needed her and made sure we knew we were a top priority for her. She got to know our family in a personal way that allowed us to trust that she would take care of us and absolutely had our best interest in mind. Krissy knew where we would thrive best and worked hard to make sure we are now where we need to be. She listened closely to everything we were looking for and we were able to find a home for our family that honestly is even better than we could have imagined."
by Ben and Denae Katzoff
Happy Clients of Krissy Bellisario
Hands Shaking
“When my husband and I decided to become first-time homeowners in the beautiful Central Coast, we felt a mixture of anxiety, excitement, and intimidation. Anxiety due to our general lack of understanding of how the real state market works in California; excitement because of this important milestone in our young lives; and intimidation because we quickly realized how competitive and nerve-racking was the real state market in north San Luis Obispo county, where we focused our house-hunt. It is not fair to say we stumbled upon Sacha. We already knew of who she was a person and as a real-state agent, as my husband first met her through Sacha’s husband in late 2015. Long in the short, Sacha guided us through the whole process of buying a home, literally holding our hands in each step, from finding a top-notch lender to ensure the last signature needed to close on the property we settled for. We felt our interactions with her were always honest, to the point, and up-front: these are professional features that you certainly want in your real state agent! She listened and then answered the myriad of questions we asked during our long drives to and back from North county. She quickly figured it out our personal likes and dislikes, and from that point onwards, the re-directed and fine-tuned her search for properties that more closely matched our “perfect” home. It is difficult to estimate how much time she devoted to our situation and how personalized the whole process felt to us. Bottom line is, she was clearly genuinely invested in finding the perfect fit for us, which eventually occurred. Sacha is extremely professional, personable, savvy and efficient, and she has a throughout understanding of the market in San Luis Obispo county. To us, it was invaluable to have her as our real state agent and we would recommend her in a heartbeat.”
by Celeste and Federico
, Happy Client of Sacha Steel
Hands Shaking
"Kellye worked with us for about six months to find the perfect house. She was extremely patient and knowledgable, answered all of our (many, many) questions, and provided sound advice. And she was fun! Kellye also continued to keep in touch after the close, answering questions and connecting us with services we needed. We would highly recommend Kellye to anyone needing a real estate professional."
Learn more about Kellye HERE
by Haley Marconett
, Happy Client of Kellye Grayson
Hands Shaking
"Sacha is simply the best. She is patient, informative, and quickly responds to questions. She advocates for her clients very well to ensure a smooth home buying process, and will tell you openly and honestly when something doesn't sound right. She handled some unusual situations with the seller very professionally. I really can't say enough great things about Sacha because she was key to making our dream of buying a home in this crazy market into a reality!"
by Morissa and Billy
Happy Client of Sacha Steel
“Amy, you are one of those rare people that are perfectly described by the word “excellent.” Amy turned what we had anticipated would be a nightmare scenario into a smooth, anxiety free, experience. Wow, what a relief, we were really dreading the whole thing and you made it easy and fun. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Amy Daane of The Avenue Central Coast Realty to anyone who needs real estate services.”
by Daniel Schuster
Happy Client, of Amy Daane

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