Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park to reopen after 11 months

Big Sur State Park

The long wait for access to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is just about over.

You may still have a hard time getting there from the south, thanks to the mudslides on Highway 1, but the park itself is reopening Saturday, State Parks announced, after an 11-month closure. The park was closed during last summer’s Soberanes Fire and remained closed during this year’s heavy winter storms.

State Parks also announced that a new van shuttle service is in place. The van will pick up visitors from the Andrew Molera State Park parking lot and shuttle them to locations north of the collapsed Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge, including Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, a news release said.

The park offers overnight camping and day use along the Big Sur River.

The only trails open are Liewald Flat Trail, Nature Trail, Redwood Deck, River Path and Warden’s Path. The Big Sur Lodge, with 61 guest rooms and a conference room, remains open.

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